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Studio Journey

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Are you having a hard time getting started in your studio? Feeling less than inspired and motivated to show up and create consistently?

Are you stuck struggling with the middle of the painting, feeling lost and not quite knowing what to do next to create paintings you love?

Are you sensing that there's an astonishing artist living inside of you who only needs the confidence to believe this so she can create her deepest work?

I hear you!

Painting is a mirror. It brings up everything, including fear, self doubt, perfectionism, inner criticism, and even resignation. 

I've been there myself which is why I created Studio Journey.

After painting for over 20 years in various mediums and styles, I know the stumbling blocks for artists: 

  • wanting to start painting but afraid it won't be good enough
  • concern that it's too late
  • feeling like you're not a "real artist" and never will be
  • enjoying starting paintings but then feeling anxious about finishing them
  • repeating what's worked before but realizing this is a trap
  • replicating other artist's work and never feeling like you're expressing your own vision
  • wanting to express YOU and not knowing how
  • lacking confidence as an artist

I'm here to help you navigate the perils of your artist's journey and to trust yourself as an artist, deeply experiment and finally express YOU in your art. 


Working In A Series

Working In A Series
First Workshop: Working In A Series

The Power Of Constraint

The Power Of Constraint
Second Workshop: The Power Of Constraint | Working With A Limited Palette

Studio Journey: Cultivate & Nourish Your Studio Practice

Studio Journey: Cultivate & Nourish Your Studio Practice
Studio Journey Is about Cultivating An Attitude Of Exploration & Experimentation

Studio Journey is a monthly workshop that helps both new art students and seasoned artists enrich their studio practice through the lessons, exercises, painting demos and resources that are available in your monthly membership. 

As a member of Studio Journey you'll have access to an emerging library of art workshops including: art lessons & concepts, training videos, painting exercises and challenges, art resources, art supply checklists and studio tips.

Studio Journey is where you have access to Nancy, plus a community of artists who know what it's like to create art.

We understand the roller coaster of emotions you experience when you doubt yourself as an artist.

Journey+ers share the same love of creating abstract art that you do and together we inspire and encourage one another to take risks and to keep exploring and experimenting as creators and artists...because that's where the magic is!

Breathe life into your art by becoming a Journey+er!

A Peek Inside A Studio Journey Workshop...


  • Weekly Emails to guide and encourage you along your journey
  • Studio Concept: learn about a new concept in abstract painting
  • Studio Exploration: engage both inner and outer exploration in regards to the topic
  • Studio Exercise: painting challenges and prompts to help you implement what you're learning
  • Studio Demo:  fresh video demo where I show you the painting I created with commentary about the process and tips and aha's along the way
  • Studio Secrets: tools and quick tips for your studio
  • Surprises & much, much more!


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Register here to learn more about Studio Journey, our new monthly workshop experience! 


Praise for Nancy's teaching. Here's what artists who have taken Nancy's courses say about her teaching:

  • Chrissy Scurr
    My yearning to create on a deeper level and a desire for understanding of the principles of making good art were answered beyond expectation. Nancy gives the gift of soul work with intuitive abstract art, moving through fear and into the present moment with joyful experimentation. I now understand the path to my best work, to be able to paint with an expressive aliveness, and am deeply grateful for Nancy’s genuine care and individual attention. The content is presented sincerely and simply, and is deeply motivating.
    Chrissy Scurr
  • Betty Franks Krause
    Nancy's course allowed me to experience for the first time an acceptance and love for my art through my mark making and my own style. Not only did I learn about the fundamentals of creating abstract art, but I learned them in a way that was deeper and easy to understand. The weekly lessons, videos, and assignments helped me hone in on techniques through practice. The FB forum was an amazing group of supportive artists and Nancy's feedback, guidance, and support were invaluable. It's been the best online course I have taken and completed!
    Betty Franks Krause


What's Included in Studio Journey?

So much!

  • Art Workshops Every Month! Each workshop contains 4 main parts: the concept, inner and outer exploration, exercises (painting prompts, challenges, homework), and a painting demo exploring the concept we're we're featuring that month. 
  • Studio Secrets Special little videos focused on quick tips and tricks for your studio practice. 
  • Access to Nancy via the Community Facebook Forum. I'm so excited to get to interact with YOU via Facebook LIVE and through regular community postings. Ask questions and feel the love of the community in supporting you!
  • Studio Journey Workbook to download and keep for your own personal growth as an artist and human! 
  • Opportunity to share YOUR journey, your explorations and experimental works with a wonderful group of artists. 
  • Surprises & much, much more!


How does the membership work? 

Studio Journey is a monthly subscription. This means that you pay monthly to access content via the special Studio Journey workshop website. You can stay a member as long as you desire and you can cancel at any time. The lessons in the membership feature revised and brand new content not seen on The Artist's Journey. New lessons are added each month. The lessons are offered variously as written materials, slide lectures, video lessons, inner and outer reflections, exercises and homework to stark your own investigation into the topic we're exploring as well as a monthly painting demo by me. Lessons are grouped by the content or theme we're exploring that month and will be released as a bundled WORKSHOP. 

I'm a beginner when it comes to abstract painting. Would Studio Journey be right for me?

Absolutely! With Studio Journey you can start where you are. The most important thing is to START! From there, you'll learn new concepts every month and have exercises, painting prompts and homework to complete. This will help you grow quickly as an artist new to abstract painting.

How will Studio Journey help me if I'm already a professional artist with years of studio experience?

One of the reasons I developed Studio Journey (which was initially called 100 Paintings In Your Portfolio) is to help advanced artists stay on their studio practice. A dear friend of mine in Sydney, Australia said to me: "create something that will motivate me to get up off the couch and go into my studio and paint". One of the issues artists at all stages run into is waning motivation that can disrupt their studio practice. Studio Journey was created to address this issue. Each month we'll investigate a new concept for the month. My dream is that this fresh material will spark your inner excitement and give you food for thought as well as exercises to explore and riff on. I want you to activate your own experimentation as an artist.

Can I share my membership with my fellow artists?

Sorry! Each membership is priced per individual. We believe the monthly pricing is affordable but if you want an even steeper discount, you may want to consider purchasing a yearly membership. We want to support YOU through your art journey and only one person per membership has access to our Facebook community.

Can I subscribe to certain months?

Although you may cancel anytime, membership registration only happens a couple of times a year. Your monthly fee will remain intact throughout the duration of your membership. You'll be grandfathered in at this price as long as you maintain your membership without a disruption. If you should cancel (and you certainly can at any time) and choose to join us later, you'll be charged the updated fee. 

If I purchase the yearly membership, will all of the months be available immediately? If I purchase the monthly, is only one month available at a time?

One new art workshop is added each month. The membership art library grows each month (soon it will become a GIANT ORGANIC ART LIBRARY). As a yearly member you have access to each month's workshop as it is added. The benefit of the yearly membership is that it's very cost effective to sign up for yearly pricing. You pay for 10 months instead of 12. 

Do you offer a refund?

Yes. if after the first 24 hours after enrolling you decide that Studio Journey isn't right for you, then you can request a refund. Just contact us at or email me at


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