1. Love the idea of writing down all the “what if words” than can stimulate the imagination! I might add the words organic and inorganic symbols and pattern.

    • Thanks Jane. “What if” is one of my favorite questions Another is “why not”. I was in Florence recently and visited a wonderful gelato store called Perchè no? (which means: why not?). I love that!

  2. I’m in a transition of locations and getting ready to do a workshop with Tim Hawkesworth in early June. I’ve been working on my own, with your class in color and in Artists Journey, since taking a workshop last Jan. with Steve Aimone at the ACA. I feel like I’ve been experimenting so much and I’ve been looking over work from past years and at this moment, I feel overwhelmed and wondering what my work is all about. It seems to be all over the place, with very little consistency as to what is me! I’ve sorted out what I feel is resolved, and which ones could be reworked, but I feel like something is amiss! Maybe a theme? Nature and Natural are choices…anyway, I did the word exercise above in an effort to figure out what my work is about. (playing, inventing, exploring, harmonizing, contrasting, energy, action, evolving, action, alive, changing, responding…to name a few.)
    Maybe my doubts and questions are typical of transition time, and there is nothing to do, but paint. It really is not so good to stop, even when there’s no choice, like travel from one place to another.
    Thanks for listening!

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