1. Da ich kein Englisch verstehe, bitte
    Ich Sie mir in Deutsch zu schreiben.
    Besten Dank B. Tresch

  2. Just the words I needed to read again . I think that journal exercise whereby we exit the painting and flow our thoughts and expressions with a journal entry may be the key to overdoing and messing up a peice that needs a pause . Great insight thanks Nancy

  3. Nancy…
    You hit the nail right on the head with your explanation of emotional reactions! I feel all of this, anxiety, uncertainty, lost in the world of unknowns, and wanting to say so much, too much in one piece! This last exercise you recommended that asked us to use various values, my weak link, has me almost unnerved! My paper is thick with paint from paint-overs because I’m unhappy with the marks and the paint colors I’m choosing! Tomorrow I will start again making batches of color values and work right over the mess I made today as I have found working on a started piece helps loosen up the starting process. The key words for me to remember is simplicity & constraint. That clearly slipped out of my head on this first trial! It may take me a few tries but I have confidence that I can do this better!
    OKAY! Once again Thank You for making this class available & for being such a logical and inspiring teacher! I appreciate your soulful, mindful approach!

  4. My problem is that I usually do not have any ideas when I start a painting. I resort to looking at photos of artists that I like so I have a starting point. It is difficult to start with someone else’s idea but I push on until I get my own feelings about the painting. Often, it does not take me to a place I am happy with. So I keep looking at other artists’ paintings, not always the same. Clearly this is not good or right. At the same time, I want to keep the look consistent with the series I am working at. Grrrr!

    I would love to have a vision of my own. I know I am searching for my own voice. Despite working on many series throughout the years, this genuine, courageous voice is not making itself heard yet.

    • Dear Bela,

      I think as artists we’re influenced by that which is around us: life, nature, literature, music, works of art and more. I think it’s valuable to look around and notice what you love about other artists’ work. We can be inspired by this art and then express our own feelings about it or take it as a jumping off point, a kind of catalyst or prompt for further expression. For example, it’s not unusual for artists to create some paintings in homage to other artists. We explore the lineage of art and learn from those who came before us. Ultimately, we want to express our own inflection, our own lexicon, our own interpretation, our own expression. I believe as you explore and experiment, your voice, your vision, your style will find you. Creating is about stepping into a place of “not knowing”, so don’t be afraid. What you’re feeling is natural.

  5. Thank you Nancy. I am going to make a sign for my studio–“each idea has its own canvas.” Good way to make the idea of constraint more concrete!

  6. Nancy, I appreciate you more than you know. I dont comment much or post, just lack of time but I value your insight and words…the food for thought I get when I read your emails and lessons is huge. You do really nail it EVERYTIME !! THANK YOU !!!!!!

    • Jeanette,
      Wow! Thank you so much. You just brightened my day immeasurably. I appreciate you too.
      Big hugs,

  7. I’m so glad I found your blog (by way of a random comment on Betty Krause’s IG feed). Your words normalized my experience of venturing into unknown territory. It’s easy to get into negative self-talk. But your post reminds me that the feeling of being lost is necessary for creativity to evolve. Simplicity and constraint ring true in my head, but I tend to ignore those concepts in the middle of creating. My better paintings are the ones in which I find my way back to simplicity and constraint after letting loose! I look forward to reading more blogs and taking your courses.

    • Thank you so much, Sylvia. (and thanks to my friend Betty Krause for mentioning me on her IG feed). Yes, creating brings up fear and self doubt. Painting is a mirror, it brings up everything. We’re continually losing and finding our way in life and art. I like what Leonardo Da Vinci said about simplicity: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

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