1. Nancy, I found this blog to be very helpful. Not just in my artwork, but for other areas of my life – especially business. It’s always a bit scary when stepping into the unknown and making that decision what to do next. I have bookmarked this blog because I will refer back to it when I start to feel a little insecure about what to do next! Thank you for your wonderful insights.

  2. Je viens de faire la lecture de votre blog en entier, c’est exactement ce que j’avais besoin d’entendre. Merci beaucoup pour votre partage très inspirant.

    • Merci mille fois, MariClair. Je suis enchantée avec votre message. Vous avez ensoleillé ma journée.

  3. Nancy – This is exactly what I struggle with so thanks so much for writing about it. Your emphasis on trusting yourself and experimentation has made all the difference in my process when I feel discouraged. I read this article on mindful drawing yesterday that talked about how children create without censorship and with this playful attitude. And it mentioned a study in which participants where told to imagine they were 7 years old. I tried that and had the most wonderful morning of painting. Just feeling like I was playing. I also have been going in with decisive moves and letting them be which feels so much better than noodling around.

  4. When I paint I have a roller coaster of emotions from “Darn I’m good” to “I should quit and sell all my painting stuff”.

    Your blog is challenging me to let the painting talking to me. Instead of trying desperately to finish it by adding and adding…

    Thank you Nancy!

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