1. I love this post. It is so mysterious to me imagining the dark studio with people gathered around in illuminated groups with their iPhones. Dark mysterious… like the Lascaux caves…. or Rembrandt’s portraits. As a portrait painter I keep my paintings for a week just to study it at different times all during the day and night. I hand it over when it’s passed the test of light. A face changes so much on a flat surface depending on what kind of light is in the room. I have to make sure the person looks like themselves throughout the day and in evening light. Light illuminates the physicality as well as interior expressions….sometimes the inner expression radiates out and becomes a new relevation. I intend to treat my paintings I paint with you also in this manner. They have to pass the test of light.

    • Thank you Ariane. I’m mesmerized reading your thoughts. I was recently at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and I came upon three portraits by Rembrandt, one a self portrait. I was captivated by the feeling of mystery, depth and aliveness in the eyes of his portraits. I love what you wrote about light and inner expression. Gives me goosebumps.

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